President Maduro calls the people to work to promote a new economy

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called on Thursday to the different social sectors of Venezuela to increase the work for the economic prosperity of the country.

“The option is to stay to work and make of our Homeland the most beautiful and prosperous that has ever been known on planet earth, the option is to work for Venezuela, to love Venezuela, to want Venezuela, that is the option for the poor and rich, for entrepreneurs, the middle class, the working men, the working women”, he said at the inauguration of the Expo Venezuela Power 2018.

For this reason, he ordered members of the Executive Train to work on a financing plan to help Venezuelans who are abroad and want to return to the country.

“(This plan) will be called “Volver a Venezuela” (Return to Venezuela)”, in which he assigned this work to the Minister for Finances, Simón Zerpa.

He pointed out that through the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, and with a favorable outcome to the Revolution in the Presidential elections of May 20: “The doors are opening for a new beginning of a new economy for Venezuela”.

“We concentrate with all our creative capacity, with all our energy in the expansion of the new economic model of Venezuela, the future of Venezuela has a single destiny: The development of a new economy”.