1×10 of Good Government approaches 2 million reports

With the 1×10 System (of Good Government) we are close to reaching 2 million reports,” highlighted the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a work day with the Bricomiles from the Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde National High School in Ocumare del Tuy.

In this context he stressed that the Bolivarian administration strives to generate solutions for the people: “We are finding solutions to the issues of water, communications and reports from schools and clinics began to arrive.”

He emphasized that the only way is to make an effort to generate resources, “because the blockade took away 99% of our income and they believed that we were going to give up.”

However, the national leader confirmed: “North American imperialists, in Venezuela nobody surrenders, not now, nor will we ever surrender. We are never going to give up! We are the children of Bolívar, the children of Chávez, of Guaicaipuro, of Urimare.”

He recalled that it was in that effort how the Military Community Brigades (Bricomiles) emerged, which is “People’s Power, Military Power, and to work hard with the communities,” he expressed from Ocumare del Tuy, a place of which he said “it will grow more and more for tourism.”