For being coup plotters! Maduro warns that Attorney General could prosecute the National Assembly

Nicolas Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, said that before the alleged political impeachment that seeks to make the opposition in the National Assembly next Tuesday against him, he has already asked the Attorney General of the Republic, “To make a statement and to prepare the legal cannons of the Nation.”
This was stated from the outskirts of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, where he met with representatives of the education sector.
He stressed that if the right wing violates the Constitution and makes an alleged political impeachment that is not in the Magna Carta, “the Attorney General’s Office on behalf of all Venezuelans shall bring an action before the courts of justice to bring to jail all those who violate the Constitution, be they parliamentarians or not, as they will have to pay to justice for attempting a coup d’etat “.
Finally on the alleged abandonment of office, the National President stressed that it is an immoral accusation, “They can criticize anything, but (to say that) I do not work?, What?, (They say that) I have abandoned office? If I am devoted 24 hours a day to the people of Venezuela and to Govern from this Palace that is the Palace of the People “.