Edwin Rojas: Venezuela will begin macroeconomic recovery in 2017

«Probably we will not take two or three years to overcome the economic emergency, in the coming months and next year we will begin to see a recovery in both macro economic, and socially «.
The statement was made by the deputy to the National Assembly, Edwin Rojas, interviewed on Wednesday in the private channel Globovision, apropos of the policies implemented by the Bolivarian Government to address the situation in the country.
He stressed that the special import plan will be momentary in order to help meet the demand for food in the country and as soon as possible to ensure full supply.
«We decreased the «bachaqueo» (hoarding and usury reselling) by more than 70%, with the supplying there has been, the «bachaqueros» have been minimized. If we saturate the market with foodstuffs, prices should obviously tend to be regularized and lower», he said.
The parliamentarian praised the actions of the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP), to become one of the fundamental mechanisms for the distribution of products to the poorest sectors.
«Right now there is a need for supply, according to this we have to meet the contingency. In this case, while (food) is distributed through the CLAP, foods such as corn and rice are being harvested. This new import measure is part of our responsibility», he said.