Bolivarian Government guarantees food production amidst the pandemic

Despite the pandemic represented by COVID-19, which affects the economy and production worldwide, the Revolutionary Government continues to work and protect the food sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

In the productive meeting with the National Peasant Sector, the Venezuelan head of state, Nicolás Maduro Moros, demonstrated through a television link with regions of the country, that under his leadership the motto “between quarantine and production there is no contradiction” is being met.

In Lara state, more than 13 million kilograms of black beans will be produced thanks to the “Legume Sowing Plan”, which as of today will have 10,000 hectares for planting, as announced by that state’s governor, Carmen Melendez.

The harvest will be directed to the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) through the National Distribution Plan, said the Governor, noting that in Lara, for the first time, is being made progress in planting rice.

In Guárico state, Governor José Vázquez reported from the “Los Lajeros” production unit, that more than 5,000 liters of milk will be produced daily.

He said that to date this productive unit has more than 4,000 cattle and 350 workers.

The regional president stressed that this area produces more than 30,000 weekly kilos of cheese, and meat production is 80%, with 2 million heads of bovine and buffalo cattle.

For its part, the governor of Cojedes state Margot Godoy, explained during a tour of the Integrated Poultry Production Farm “PIH 2021”, that the production in this farm will be 30,000 birds destined for the protein plan, while the “Proteinas Cojedes” company will provide 120,000 birds for food production.

In Portuguesa state, specifically in Guanare, more than 40,000 kilos of cachama fish will be produced every six months in the “JJ Montilla” Agroindustrial Tourist Complex, according to that state’s governor, Rafael Calles.

This is a joint effort with the private and public productive sectors, along with the country’s peasant forces, said Calles.

After showing the country the national productive progress, President Maduro said that “to overcome the criminal blockade of imperialism” the union of all the productive forces is necessary.

“That is the way Venezuela, let’s unite, zero useless fights, zero divisions. Union, union and work for our Homeland”.