President Maduro called to perfect operation of Bases of Missions

Through the monitoring carried out on Monday to a Socialist Base of Missions operating in the Paraíso Azul community in Catia la Mar, Vargas state, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro , urged to improve the functioning of the other structures found throughout the country.
In a broadcast by Venezolana de Television, the Head of State stressed that these areas represent the basis of territorial socialism, communitarian socialism, equality and humanity.
“We are directly monitoring the Bases of Socialist Missions. And the Basis of Socialist Missions Type 1, such as this to combat extreme poverty, and Type 2 to serve the communities, urban developments, they have to function perfectly”, said the National President.
Such Bases of Socialist Missions are made up of three modules from which are managed the social missions, protection programs created during the last 11 years of Bolivarian Revolution, which enjoy broad national and international recognition for their effectiveness in raising living conditions of the Venezuelans.
Through health, education and alimentation Modules, the Government provides comprehensive care to families in need, and especially to those who are in extreme poverty.
A Message by Fidel Castro:
During this activity, President Maduro also delivered a message from the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to the Venezuelan people. This in connection with the celebration, on August 13, of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Commander Fidel Castro.
“He told me that, as soon as I came back to Venezuela, to deliver his embrace of solidarity, as a brother and a Commander, to the entire people of Venezuela. 90 years of battle, of fighting for humanity”, said Maduro.
The President reiterated his congratulations to Castro, whom he referred to as a man of fight and an advocate for the rights of humanity.