Homeland Bloc requested Supreme Justice Court to declare invalid acts of the NA

The deputy by the Homeland bloc, Hector Rodriguez, introduced on Thursday before the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ) in Caracas, an appeal seeking the annulment of all acts of the National Assembly (AN) after the reinstatement of the parliamentarians by Amazonas state, who were suspended from office last December 30 by the Electoral Chamber of the TSJ.
He recalled that during the electoral process of December 6, 2015 in Amazonas state were commited electoral frauds and crimes “clearly demonstrated to the whole country”, on which are involved officials of the Governorate and the regional governor, Liborio Guarulla.
“From the moment they (the opposition) decided to disown the ruling of the Supreme Justice Court and they incorporated some citizens who do not have the power to be deputies, then they place the entire quorum of the National Assembly in an illegal situation, and from that moment on, every act, every decision, every proposal that is presented by that legislative body is null and void, is illegal”, said Rodriguez at a news conference.
He also stressed that the current NA “has been totally useless for the Venezuelans” and expressed that the opposition deputies have only used their positions “as a political springboard.”
“Already the Deputy Ramos Allup, who represents the greatest failure of the Venezuelan politics (…) has also launched his Presidential candidacy. It is a sign of that none of the deputies of the opposition is concerned about the problems of the Venezuelans”, he said.