Cabello: The NA is outside the law and is an obstacle to advance

During his program «Con el Mazo Dando» (Hitting with the hammer), broadcast on Wednesday by Venezolana de Television, the Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and deputy from the Homeland Bloc, Diosdado Cabello said that the National Assembly with the presence of the right wing, has become an obstacle to further advance.
«It is a National Assembly that attacks the laws, which wants to privatize the housings, which has proposed a law to bring criminals out of jail, because it is their political project», he said.
He also noted that they have achieved that the parliament is a space that nobody cares for, because they are outside the law and do not acknowledge any other public authorities.
«They offered to their people that they would assume power when they won the elections on December 6, and that they would govern. Now they have that problem, they do not govern, because in here there is a President, called Nicolas Maduro» he said.