President Nicolás Maduro instructs governors and mayors to go to the streets to solve the problems of the people

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, urged the mayors and governors to walk the streets and communities throughout the country to address and solve the problems of the people.

During his participation in a new work day to evaluate the progress of the 1×10 System of Good Governance and of the Community Brigades for Health and Education (BRICOMILES), carried out from the 23 de Enero parish, in Caracas, he emphasized that this is the objective of this mechanism of empowerment of the people:

“That’s why we created the 1 × 10 of the Good Governance, don’t be fooled and go out and see what is happening in the streets”, he said.

From the Educational Unit Gabriela Mistral, in the Central Zone on 23 de Enero, he asked the local authorities of the Libertador municipality to attend to the asphalt situation in Flores de Catia, Sucre parish, and invited Venezuelans to make their reports through the 1×10 system of the Good Government.

Resources for 23 de Enero:

During this day, he announced the approval of resources for the beautification of the spaces of the central area of ​​the 23 de Enero parish, as is the case of the Educational Unit (U.E.) Gabriela Mistral, a space of 5,000 square meters which serves an enrollment of 1,014 students, of which 100 are in initial education, 445 primary, 496 general secondary and 94 special education.

The aforementioned institution has 27 classrooms, two Bolivarian Centers for Informatics and Telematics (CBIT), three sports fields, an auditorium and a special education service, which are being intervened by the Bricomiles-Education activated in the sector.

It is worth noting that to date, in Caracas alone, there are 1,254 Bricomiles activated to rehabilitate 1,343 schools.

Scientific education:

The Head of State also referred to the promotion of scientific education in the country, announcing that he assigned protective sponsors to the group of 30 young scholars who have returned to the country after completing studies abroad, converted into professional novices who will join at the service of the Homeland.

In this context, he instructed the sectoral vice president for science and technology, Gabriela Jiménez, to design a special plan “to bring to the country the best scientists in the world to teach our teachers”, and thus give continuity to this training process of the new generations of Venezuelans.