Government claimed commitment to struggle of the Navy in its day

The Minister of Defense, General-in-Chief Vladimir Padrino Lopez, stressed on Sunday from Zulia state the commitment and the struggles that has delivered the Bolivarian Navy, in regard of its day, which was held this July 24.
“Today the entire Bolivarian National Army adds to the feeling, the vigor, the positive energy, the urge to be free and independent that our Army feels deep in its heart”, he said from the act in Zulia state, on which were also celebrated 233 years from the birth of Father of the Homeland, Simon Bolivar, and the 193 years of the Battle of Lake Maracaibo.
Padrino Lopez stressed the importance of the role played by the Navy in the various battles that have been fought in the country in defense of sovereignty and independence.
Moreover, he called to keep alive the legacy of Bolivar, who was revived with the arrival of Commander Hugo Chavez in 1999, as well as of other national heroes that were forgotten during the Fourth Republic, whose memories and deeds were claimed in 17 years of Revolution.
He also brought a message from President Nicolas Maduro, in which the Head of State expresses to all the people of Zulia state and the men and women in white his deep admiration; this information was provided from the event held in Zulia state which was broadcast by Venezolana de Television.