Head of State delivered CDI and SRI recovered in Cúa

The community of the Urdaneta municipality, in Miranda state, is benefited with the rehabilitation of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the “Lecumberry” Integral Rehabilitation Hall (SRI), works delivered by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, during a work journey dedicated to showing the progress of the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles).

Both health centers have a daily care capacity of 150 to 170 people, from the 63 surrounding communities, thus guaranteeing full coverage of more than 53,900 inhabitants.

This CDI and SRI is part of the Integral Community Health Area (ASIC), a basic unit designated by the National Public Health System to guarantee the right to free and quality health:

Here is Fidel’s (Castro) army for light, for health and life. (The) Eternal union between Cuba and Venezuela,” stated the Head of State.

Among the services offered by the CDI are: general medicine, adult hospitalization, electrocardiogram, ophthalmology, intensive care and vaccination, among others.

Meanwhile the SRI offers physiatry, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, gym, occupational therapy and ozone therapy services.

The rehabilitation work of the health spaces included: repair and waterproofing of the roof, replacement, installation, repair and correction of electrical wiring, as well as replacement of breaker and bars of the external and internal panels.

In addition to the installation of LED panel lights in internal and external areas, recovery of the underground tank with a capacity of 40,000 liters with a pump system, which guarantees water in the CDI and SRI.

Likewise, the CDI and SRI were equipped with medical equipment and supplies such as X-ray, ultrasound machine and ultrasound transducer, ultrasound table, gynecological beds, nebulizer, glucometer, defibrillator, among others.