National Popular Consultation of APR-21 will reflect the power of the Venezuelan people

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, highlighted the Popular Consultation process that will be carried out, this Sunday, April 21, in all the communities of the country, to choose the communal projects that will be carried out in each space and which reflects the power that the Venezuelan people have from the bases in the management of their own resources and decisions.

In this sense, the Minister of People’s Power for the Communes, Guy Vernáez, recalled that the spokespersons who make up the commissions for the consultation were also elected by the People’s Power, so he assured that they are the ones who have first-hand knowledge. hand in hand with what they want to address for their communities.

For her part, the spokesperson for the Carabobo electoral commission, Ofelia García, explained that each project has been the product of the work tables carried out around the Seven Transformations, in the Community Councils of the country.

Meanwhile, the member of the electoral commission of Aragua state, Carolina Arellano, stressed: “We are going to a Popular Consultation for the people’s projects following the call of President Maduro. We have 360 promoters, in the 355 municipalities of the 24 states of the country. We also have 4,500 communal circuits, which are 4,500 communes in which we made a dot and a circle to join those communities that did not belong to a Communal Council so that they are not left out of this consultation, of the people. for the people (…) We have 13,948 voting centers of the more than 15,000 that are commonly available for elections. There is no dictatorship here, friends, here what we have is full, participatory and leading democracy.”

In this sense, President Maduro detailed that, in each of these communal circuits, a project of the seven proposals described will be decided, to be executed in each territory. “This is our model of democracy, we have created it. This model was created by Hugo Chávez Frías.”