Venezuela urges developed countries to take responsibility for climate change

The Venezuelan Government on Thursday urged the developed countries to assume their responsibilities on the issue of climate change, since these nations are the ones that have generated the most damage and refuse to be part of international initiatives.

During his speech at the 23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2017 (COP23), which takes place in Germany, the Minister for Ecosocialism and Water, Ramón Velásquez, referred to the case of the United States, a country that withdrew of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, signed in 2015.

“This is a responsibility that should be assumed primarily by countries that have historical responsibilities in the context of the United Nations framework convention on climate change,” said the minister.

He argued that the creation of a climate of trust is vital to fulfill the commitments established in this summit and urged countries to reflect on the consequences of climate change.

“The lack of will is the biggest obstacle to overcome. It is necessary to act with a sense of urgency, the selfishness of the powerful is a poison that sickens the Earth, which is why we consider the decision of the United States of America to repeat history by abandoning the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and not comply with its obligations in the framework of International Law”, he said.

As an example, he mentioned the drastic meteorological changes generated in recent months in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

In that regard, he said that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean require the support of the international community.

Since 2015, Venezuela is part of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, an alliance signed by more than 190 countries with the aim of curbing emissions of greenhouse gases.