Venezuela appreciates world solidarity against new United States interference onslaught

On behalf of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, Yván Gil, thanked the solidarity expressed by political organizations and government institutions around the world, who have expressed their rejection of new aggressions and interference by the United States government against the Nation:

“The Brotherly Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran joins the worldwide condemnation of imperial threats against Venezuela,” the Venezuelan chancellor wrote in his X (Twitter) account, @yvangil, after receiving the statement from the Persian government.

Similarly, organizations such as Democrazia Sovrana Popolare, National Association of Friendship Italy-Cuba, Research and Development Center for Democracy, Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in the Spanish State, the Communist Party of Peru, the United Left Movement of Dominican Republic and the Italian chapter of the Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity, stated through communications, their support in defense of the national sovereignty of Venezuela in this context of aggression suffered by the country by American interests and its actors inside of the Venezuelan territory.

Minister Yván Gil also thanked the support of his counterpart from Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, who rejected the interference and threats of the US government. UU. Towards Venezuela, “they insist on the use of unilateral coercive measures against the Bolivarian nation. All our solidarity with the brotherly Venezuelan people and government,” he said.

Likewise, the holder for the Foreign Relations of Venezuela shared the statement of the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of our Americas – Treaty of Trade of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP), which in his submitted stated “our rejection and condemnation of the announcement of the State Department of the United States of America of January 30, 2024, in which it constitutes a direct threat against sovereignty and the political, economic and social stability of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.