Maduro urges FANB to develop a new defensive strategy for Venezuela for 2021

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro urged today the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to consider a new strategy for the country’s defensive «fortification» for 2021:

«We need to fortify our defensive strategy and renew it, in the concepts, in the plans and in the Bolivarian Shield military exercises, which in the course of 2021 we will be executing,» said the president.

Maduro’s expressions were made in Caracas, during a ceremony to celebrate the end of year for all the country’s military units.

In his speech, the Venezuelan president reviewed the performance and challenges of the FANB and pointed out that 2020 “was a year of deployments, exercises, testing of the weapons system, improvement of combat capacity”.

Maduro stressed that one of the lines to guarantee defensive fortification was to «create combined arms units, perfectly deployed to guarantee the correct defense, adapted to the threat that may be on the country.»

He pointed out that from now on the «Bolivarian Shield» military exercises would no longer be announced publicly, but that «the order of operations will be given at a secret level» to mobilize the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

Maduro also ordered to implement in the shortest period of time a plan called «Point 3», which he explained would consist of the constitution of «three circles of fortification and protection of all military units in the country.»

Said circles will be made up of members of the Bolivarian National Militia and the “organized people”.