It is the hour of history, it is the hour of the Constituent Assembly

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed that the Venezuelan people opens a new historical process with the National Constituent Assembly, on which are proposed nine lines of action for the strengthening of the Bolivarian democracy.

“We are making history … It is the hour of history, it is the hour of the Constituent Assembly,” said the President from the Plaza Caracas square, where the people gathered to support the initiative of the Head of State, which was delivered this Wednesday to the Chairwoman of the Electoral Power, Tibisay Lucena.

Among the proposals framed in the Constituent process is the creation of a new post-oil, diversified and mixed economic model, with the objective of strengthening the country’s economic sector, which has been hit by the economic war driven by sectors of the right wing .

“With the new Constituent Assembly we are going to establish the new economic system of the Empowered Venezuela”, he emphasized.

Likewise, the President established as a priority the adhesion of social policies – Missions and Great Missions – to the Constitution, so that this right can not be taken from the people.

“We need to constitutionalize the great missions so that no one will take them away from our people”, he said.

Another approach proposed by the President in order to achieve peace in the country is the improvement of the justice system, which is the reason why he insisted on “opening the gates to the youth to end the violence”.

He said that the National Constituent Assembly will allow to advance in the priority tasks for the consolidation of peace in the country.

“You have to have great confidence on that we are the only ones who can lead this country towards the greatest and most portentous situation of union, peace and happiness for the people”, he said.

Faced with the vandalism actions orchestrated by sectors of the right wing, the Head of State pointed out that while they (the opposition) act within a frame of terrorist illegality, the National Government makes a constitutional call “For the people to decide whether they want peace or violence “.