AN ratifies partial agreements signed by the Government and the opposition in Barbados

During the ordinary session this Thursday, the National Assembly (AN) ratified the two partial agreements signed by the Government of Venezuela with the opposition during the dialogue process that took place last Tuesday in Barbados.

These are the agreements for the Promotion of Political Rights and Electoral Guarantees, and the Vital Rights of the Nation. The first establishes the processes for the presidential elections to be held in the second half of 2024.

Likewise, it seeks to guarantee international observation of the elections, the definition of an equitable electoral schedule, the promotion of audits for the process and the updating of the electoral registry, including Venezuelans residing abroad.

Representative Génesis Garvett was in charge of presenting the draft Agreement with which the Venezuelan Legislative Branch ratifies the signed agreements. He recognized the role played by the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, of whom she said he is a “whip”, admiring the solidity with which he led the national government delegation at the dialogue table in Barbados, as well as President Nicolás Maduro Moros, for the transcendental victory that Venezuela has achieved with this signing of agreements:

A victory that must be recognized to the greatest architect of Peace, to the farmer of understanding, of tolerance, who is the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, to whom we send our hug, our gratitude for defending “the sacred interests of the territory of Venezuela, which is born with its sun through the Essequibo.”

For the opposition alliance, deputy Luis Parra took the right to speak, and confirmed the support of the bench for parliament’s ratification of these agreements.

After a point of information from President Jorge Rodríguez, who clarified that the agreements in Barbados were a negotiation between two Venezuelan parties and not between governments, since the government of Venezuela did not sign any agreement with the US government, Parra rectified his mistake, and stated that the opposition Democratic Alliance “celebrates as Venezuelans all the rights that we can claim to generate peace, freedom and progress,” and concluded that each and everyone in Venezuela must demonstrate this to support the route established in those agreements.