Chancellor Arreaza urges the Venezuelan people to maintain national unity against US attacks

Venezuelan Chancellor Jorge Arreaza on Tuesday urged the Venezuelan people to maintain national unity, despite the differences, against the imperial siege imposed by the United States that has always been present in the history of Venezuela.
In an opinion piece shared on his Twitter account, Arreaza criticized those Venezuelans who intend to deliver the homeland in exchange for material interests, while making a comparison with what happened in the struggle for independence that waged the Liberator, Simón Bolívar:
“It is necessary to review the history of our independence to understand that there have always been opportunists, those groups and individuals who surrender themselves to temptation and the honeys of oppression, as long as they can get for themselves a few material crumbs or political perks”, says the text.
In that sense, the Venezuelan diplomat cited the character of José Manuel “El Mocho” (The hand-less) Hernández, who, despite having raised arms against President Cipriano Castro, when the day came to defend the homeland of the naval blockade imposed on the Venezuelan coasts, left behind the internal differences and fought to get rid of the blackmail of foreign powers.
“May the “Mocho Hernández of the 21st century” arise, may it be that, beyond the internal differences, is not accepted any imposition or blackmail by foreign powers, and may they put themselves at the side and at the height of the patriotic people who, beyond the difficulties, are capable of giving their lives once and a thousand times for their Homeland, their independence and their freedom”, said Arreaza.
In addition, he said that the Bolivarian Government follows in the footsteps of Simón Bolívar in fighting for freedom.