Public Ministry issues red alert to Interpol against Juan Guaidó for embezzlement from PDVSA

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced the appointment of Prosecutors 77, 73 and 74 with national jurisdiction, to issue arrest warrants and the respective red alert to Interpol against fugitive Juan Guaidó, after a Federal Court of The United States (USA) released an official document, which records crimes by the former Venezuelan deputy against the interests of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the theft of PDVSA assets, for an amount close to 20 billion dollars.

This was stated by the prosecutor: “It has been an immediate task for us, as soon as the announcement from a US Federal Court was made known, which confirms what the Public Ministry was advancing in its investigation, like other Venezuelan authorities, regarding the satrap known as Juan Guaidó, he and his gang, against the heritage, the national treasury,” at a press conference.

He reported that he is in possession of the complete report, which is now part of a new investigation, with revealed expertise, and which has been provided by the US Federal Court, where it is evident that Guaidó’s gang, through the alleged figure of the fictitious “interim government”, and in a premeditated manner, caused damage to the Venezuelan State. “These decisions caused losses to the nation of $19 billion dollars, and have resulted in the almost definitive loss of Citgo.”

“It is corroborated, as we can see in the widespread news, the size and magnitude of the damage caused to the national treasury, through his actions as an international criminal, head of a criminal gang, a structured group of organized crime, similar to the characters from the underworld, such as the “Koki”, the “Niño Guerrero”, and other criminals despised by the Venezuelan people,” added Saab.