In the next few hours President Maduro will announce upcoming actions of Venezuela regarding the OAS

The Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez on Wednesday offered statements regarding the decisions taken by the Organization of American States (OAS) on Venezuela.

«In the upcoming hours the President (Nicolás Maduro) will give statements on the actions he will undertake», announced the high official.

In a press conference held at Miraflores Palace, the minister explained that the OAS tried to expel Venezuela, but they did not succeed because they obtained 19 votes from the representatives of the different member countries, when they required 24 votes.

«They tried to expel us from the OAS, and did not get the necessary votes,» he said.

He assured that the interventionist action carried out by the organization is not valid for the nation:
«The resolution does not exist because (as it is stated) in article number 2 of the OAS, they can not intervene in the internal affairs of the countries, therefore it is a non-existent resolution for Venezuela», he said.