President Maduro: The decadent system wants to destroy the concept of family

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, alerted the international community about the proliferation of a “decadent culture” from northern countries that seeks to destroy the concept of family:

“One is speechless when the cultural and moral decline of the northern countries tries to impose it as a global identity, these people simply want to destroy the concept of family, now they want to destroy the concept of mother,” he denounced.

During the broadcast of the “Con Maduro+” program, the Head of State, highlighting the value of mothers as a fundamental source of life and protection.

The most beautiful thing one has in life is the mother, the one who gave birth to you, the one that brought you, the one who educates you; all the cultures of the world, all the languages of the world call her Mother, for thousands and thousands of years”, he exalted.

Likewise, the Dignitary emphasized that this culture, coming from the international ultra-right wing, aims to “dehumanize the world to colonize us” and in this way destroy “the concepts of family: mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister,” he reiterated.

“They are not going to destroy the concepts of family and here in Venezuela we stand up to defend the concept of family,” he pointed out.

In context: The US Undersecretary of Health, Rachel Levine, advocates for the word “mom” to be replaced in school books and in talks on reproduction directed at children by the by “ovum producer” term, as reports the Fox News portal.