The National Assembly will continue betting on dialogue with the United States

“From the National Assembly we are going to continue betting on dialogue with the United States,” said this Monday the head of the “Darío Vivas” National Campaign Command of the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole (GPPSB), Jorge Rodríguez.

During a press conference to report the results of the electoral simulation on Sunday, he assured that the Venezuelan government remains open to dialogue: “The Venezuelan electoral process is a process of peace. The people of Venezuela are giving an example of democracy to the world, that information should reach the United States just as it is, because we do not want any more blockades, we want peace, and yesterday it was demonstrated, ”said the parliamentary candidate.

He assured that some deputies of the current National Assembly in contempt, want to perpetuate themselves in power believing that they still have the support of the United States.

Now Ramos Allup, Juan Guaido and Julio Borges want to perpetuate themselves in power by giving a parliamentary coup d’etat, and the real blow will be delivered by the people of Venezuela on December 6, the rest is a drowning tantrum because they do not know how to continue stealing money, and the people of Venezuela demonstrated yesterday that they cannot continue robbing the country because it is willing to defend the homeland.”

He added that thanks to the sabotage by the right wing, the people of Venezuela has organized. “We have to thank the violent Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó for having burned the (old voting) machines, because with the new ones the people will come out, renewed, to vote,” he said.