Unveiled web of corruption that surrounds Juan Guaidó

The Minister of People’s Power for communication and information, Jorge Rodríguez, showed evidences that involves the deputy assigned by the Vargas state to the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, in acts of corruption.
In a press conference held from Miraflores Palace, Rodríguez recalled that last March the National Government had warned about these events that involved the Voluntad Popular political cell and the money that had been collected in the concert “Venezuela Aid Live “, which took place last February with the excuse of raising funds to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela.
The also Sectoral Vice-president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, said that the opposition is increasingly divided and fragmented: “He wants to steal on his own, that’s the reason why the opposition is divided, the militants of that terrorist group are holding all the money”, he said.
Later he expressed that Voluntad Popular handles a plot of corruption so great that it appears in the media that have always supported them. “The corruption plot of the terrorist group Voluntad Popular is so great that it is already showing on the extreme right wing media”.
The investigation shows the conversations of Guaidó with Rosana Barrero and Kevin Rojas, both militants of Voluntad Popular, who handled the stolen resources to the people of Venezuela to finance the entry of assasins from El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia to perpetrate terrorist acts in the country.
“The modus operandi of Juan Guaidó is to steal the resources of any Venezuelan company abroad, in complicity with the governments of Colombia, the United States and Argentina; When they get some kind of resource that belongs to Venezuela, they create false NGOs, so that later this money can be transferred to personal accounts of opposition leaders”, he said.
Through conversations shown by Rodríguez, it is evidenced how Almagro and Guaidó “plot the corrupt acts of embezzlement to the nation propitiated from Colombia”, he declared.
Later, the head of the communications portfolio published in his account on the Twitter social network, the data of the corruption plot involving VP and the concert in Cúcuta.
Jorge Rodríguez
“In these planes the thieves of Guaidó went to Cúcuta on Feb 22:
N600TB Citation II
N27FL Hawker 800
N999CM LR60
N126KL LR55
N450MB G4
N179JA G200
N1900A Astra
N352BH G4
N113WJ G4
N600CK G4
N843GS Challenger 601
N125GR Astra
HK4758 Hawker 900”
14:19 – June 17 2019
    Jorge Rodríguez
“I continue: This is the photo of the Camilo Daza airport in Cúcuta on the afternoon of February 22nd. Only in planes rent the ultra right wing spent on that day more than 800,000 dollars. Where did the money came from? From the money Venezuela needs to operate our children”
14:19 – June 17 2019