President Nicolás Maduro deploys public consultation for the transformation of the Laws of People’s Power

“In Venezuela we have shown that it is possible to make a popular, anti-oligarchic, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist revolution. That is our identity!”, said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, at the start, this Tuesday at the Miraflores Palace, of the national deployment for public consultation towards the transformation of the laws of Popular Power.

During his speech on this work journey, the Head of State urged to debate and activate the plans to adapt and renew all the laws of People’s Power that have been created in the Revolution, as well as all the public policies of the Government and the State in benefit of the People.

For us this work journey is of great importance because it is the beginning of a process of adaptation of the laws to reality. Our project is the socialism of the 21st century! (…) Say whatever you want about Venezuela, say whatever you want about Maduro, but Venezuela and the Revolution follow their own path of democracy, original, Robinsonian, Zamoran, popular, Bolivarian and socialist”, he emphasized.

He detailed the group of laws that will be debated by the 49,183 Communal Councils, 3,641 Communes and in the popular movements, in coordination with deputies, councilors and governors from all over the country:

– Organic Law of Popular Power

– Organic Law of Communal Councils

– Organic Law of Communes

– Popular Economy System Law

– Organic Law of Public and Popular Planning

– Organic Law of Social Control

– Public Procurement Law

Special commission:

On October 26, the special commission for the transformation of the laws of Popular Power met, with the purpose of reviewing and adapting the legal instruments of the people of Venezuela, whose national deployment will officially begin this Wednesday.

The special commission is made up of the Permanent Commission for the Development of the Commune, the Permanent Commission for Ecosocialism, the Social Development Commission and the People’s Power and Communication Commission.

Said special commission arose from the initiative of the Venezuelan head of state, after a meeting that he held with the El Maizal Commune, in Lara state.

From this moment on, more than 10 legal instruments of the popular organizations will be subject to review and relaunch, for the creation of a legal system that facilitates the processes and provides the necessary impulse to the People’s Power, the communes, the communal councils and to the communal government:

The laws must be reviewed to make the processes of these instruments simpler, so that bureaucratism cannot be immersed within the communal logic,” commented President Maduro on that occasion, from the El Maizal Commune.

The national president was accompanied on this journey by the First Combatant Woman of the Republic and deputy to the National Assembly, Cilia Flores; the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez; the Sectoral Vice President for Social and Territorial Socialism, Mervin Maldonado; the Sectoral Vice President for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez; and the Minister of People’s Power for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza.