President Maduro: Venezuela has been, is and will be the epicenter of the combats for the new world

“Venezuela has been, is and will be the epicenter of the combats for a new world, an egalitarian world, which can already be seen on the horizon,” said on Wednesday President Nicolás Maduro during the award and farewell ceremony for the Ambassadors of Nicaragua, Yaosca Calderón, and South Africa, Joseph Nkosi, at the end of their respective diplomatic assignments in the country:

We are bidding farewell to two ambassadors who have allowed progress in relations between Venezuela and Nicaragua and Venezuela and South Africa. We believe in a world of justice and equality, and both countries believe in a multipolar world”, said the Head of State from Miraflores Palace.

He affirmed that the presence of both diplomats in the country offers a positive balance: “They lived through the stage where from the northern empire it was intended to colonize Venezuela and to take it over, they have witnessed how serenely we waged that battle for independence”, said the head of state.

He stressed that “at this time we have built a deep and true brotherhood with both countries, so we will continue working to show the world (our) democratic achievements”, he said.

In this regard, he announced that “next week we are going to install the High-Level Joint Commission in Managua and there they will be working on major issues of cooperation in food, energy, trade, science, health”.

“We are going to triangulate common projects of Nicaragua and Venezuela together with Russia, China, Turkey, India, building the multipolar, fair, humanitarian world that Chancellor Lavrov and the Chinese Chancellor spoke about today”, he said.

Diplomatic struggle:

The Ambassador of Nicaragua, Yaosca Calderón, assured that her country will maintain the struggle and brotherhood between our peoples: “This brotherhood comes from forever in Nicaragua, the gratitude to Commander Chávez remains in time. That same legacy that President Maduro has been able to continue with his brave people by resisting the imperialist onslaught”, she said.

On his behalf, South African ambassador Joseph Nkosi assured that the ties with Venezuela have been strengthened:

“We have worked to achieve projects for the benefit of our peoples, Venezuela has helped South African investors to invest in the country and South Africa believes in the potential of Venezuela and we are committed to promoting more contacts between the two countries”, he said while advocating for the lifting of the coercive and unilateral measures in force against Venezuela.