President Maduro on armed incursion: It is a covert operation ordered by Donald Trump

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Thursday that the armed incursion against the South American nation, registered on May 3, was a covert operation ordered by US President Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview for teleSUR, the head of state reiterated that Trump was aware of this operation, since he is informed about international issues and Venezuela is a focal issue of primary interest, “it is one of Donald Trump’s obsession subjects”.

The armed incursion “is a covert operation ordered by Donald Trump, outsourcing Silvercorp (…) supported by Iván Duque (President of Colombia), and had a contract signed by Juan Guaidó (…) that aimed to assassinate the President”, as asserted the Executive.

The president also criticized that the US authorities waited 48 hours after the armed incursion to rule on the events, saying that Trump’s reaction “is incredible and nervous, which initiates the set of strangely late responses. The US (usually) pronounces on Venezuela immediately after anything happens, and given this fact it was until Tuesday that they responded”.

J.J. Rendón accepts signing of the contract for the armed incursion:

President Maduro spoke about the contract that established the armed incursion and that has the signature of former US military and Silvercorp director, Jordan Goudreau, as well as the opposition political consultant Juan José (JJ) Rendón, and opposition deputies Sergio Vergara and Juan Guaidó.

In an interview with a foreign media, J.J. Rendón acknowledged having signed the contract that was spread in various media and that aimed to undermine the integrity of the president and several members of the Venezuelan government.

“Juan José Rendón is a political advisor to drug traffickers, extreme right-wing politicians, he has made a fortune stealing, he would not bear an independent investigation. In Venezuela, he has a red code arrest warrant and is Guaidó’s main adviser”, he said.

“Juan Guaidó is a criminal”

The Executive reaffirmed that the US attempt of imposing a president on Venezuela unconstitutionally was a complete failure, and emphasized that Guaidó “is a thief, a criminal” for hiring individuals to murder a political adversary:
“There is the contract, it is evident, so we are in the presence of a moral degradation of the Venezuelan opposition (…) That experiment with a person of the lowliness of Juan Guaidó has failed them (…) he is a thief, a criminal able to sign a contract to kill his political adversary. It is a failure, someone will have to acknowledge it”, said the president.

On the other hand, he emphasized that the South American nation has a civic, police and military defense system to guarantee peace in the country, called the Bolivarian Shield, which remains active. “Our country is ready to fight, that is what they do not want to understand in Washington”, he stressed.

Conversations with the USA in mute:

The head of state reported that they currently do not maintain communication with the US authorities, despite having tried to establish a dialogue through different channels:

“Not at this time. There have always been communication links, but after May 3 they were cut (…) we have used three different routes that we have with three different officials from the Donald Trump government and they are completely silent”.

James Story’s participation in an armed raid:

The Venezuelan president questioned whether Trump “rewards failure” when referring to the announcement by his US counterpart about the appointment of James Story as his ambassador to the South American country.

Story was the last chargé d’ affaires the US had in Venezuela before the rupture of diplomatic relations, who was expelled from the country and currently has an office in Colombia.

“James Story is responsible for this armed mercenary raid that was militarily defeated in Macuto Bay”, said the president, assuring that the US representative was heavily involved in the failed attempt to enter the country.

Post-pandemic scenario: Another world is possible and necessary:

The Venezuelan president asserted that “the emergence of another world is underway” after the coronavirus pandemic that affects humanity.

“The post-pandemic world will be totally different, that’s why Trump is trying to play early and start attacking China in some kind of Cold War”, he argued.

He also highlighted the role of China in terms of global geopolitics, in the political, economic, military fields, and now amidst the fight against Covid-19. “Another world is possible, another world is necessary. A world without empires, without hegemony, a world of cooperation, dialogue, and respect”, he added.