Venezuela denounces intervention attempts from the United States and Colombia

The Bolivarian Government issued a communiqué on Thursday, ratifying the denounce made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, regarding a plan against Venezuela, gestated by the governments of the United States and Colombia.

Following, the full text:

“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela responsibly reiterates before the international community the denounce made yesterday by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, regarding the serious information received by reliable sources of intelligence, which point to the National Security Adviser of the Government of the United States of America, John Bolton, of planning operations and force actions of an illegal and terrorist nature, which include the assassination of the Constitutional President of Venezuela, the overthrow of the legitimate Government and the imposition of a Transitory Government Council through a scheme of direct intervention in Venezuela.

Likewise, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela reaffirms that said plan has the direct participation and complicity of the Government of the Republic of Colombia, which, by act or omission, has allowed an area of the Tona municipality, department of North Santander, to be developing a process of paramilitary training to a group of 734 war mercenaries, made up of Colombian and Venezuelan citizens, whose purpose is to simulate their belonging to units of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in order to promote false positives when attacking Colombian and Venezuelan military installations. objective of triggering an escalation that leads to an armed conflict with unpredictable consequences and to set up a scenario that facilitates a military intervention in Venezuela.

It is contradictory that the Colombian government refuses to be respectful of the norms and customs of international relations, and instead assumes a surprising and irresponsible anti-diplomatic conduct of silence and incommunication with the Venezuelan authorities, thus disregarding its obligations as a member state of the international community, in the face of complex and dangerous situations that hover in the extensive common border.

There is ample evidence of the participation of officials of the Government of Colombia in the preparation of the assassination in a degree of frustration against President Nicolás Maduro on August 4. Timely, the Venezuelan government offered the precise details of the assasination Plan, including the location, logistical movements and individuals involved in Colombian territory. Likewise, the intellectual authors of said operation are openly protected by Mr. Iván Duque, thus disregarding the international requests for extradition, in contravention of the agreements in force in the matter.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its firm determination to protect the Venezuelan people against any threat and in response to its international responsibility, makes public this very serious denunciation, in order to guarantee peace and encourage a deep reflection in the military forces of Colombia, so that they do not allow themselves to be dragged into an adventure that will not benefit two brotherly peoples, and would only serve as a table for the perverse geopolitical interests of imperialist powers”.