Ceballos Ichaso instructs the increase of intelligence activities and alertness in order to neutralize terrorist actions against Venezuela

The Sectoral Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace, Chief Adm Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, ordered the security forces throughout the country to raise their state of alert in the face of potential threats of terrorist actions planned from Colombia against structures and infrastructures belonging to public services.

This was reported by the also Minister of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace in a message published on his account on the social network twitter @FuerzaDinamica in which he emphasizes the instruction to the security forces to increase actions and intelligence deployments and early warning in order to neutralize any attempted aggression against the strategic infrastructure of the State.

«I gave instructions to all Citizen Security Bodies at the national level, by order of our CINC @NicolasMaduro to increase intelligence actions, search, capture and neutralization of terrorist actions against the strategic infrastructure of the State,» can be read in the message.

Similarly, Chief Admiral Ceballos Ichaso reported about his visit to the states of Táchira and Mérida this weekend, where, together with Governors Freddy Bernal and Jehyson Guzmán, he reviewed the progress made in strengthening the actions of the Citizen Security Organs, the Risk Management System and the components of the FANB in these entities, «adjusted to the specific agenda of actions for peace.»

In developing this work agenda in the Andean states, Sector Vice President Ceballos Ichaso also provided radio patrols, bicycles, motorcycles, stretchers, uniforms, forest clearing kits, fire-fighting equipment and medicines, among others, «to increase the capabilities and well-being of our police forces, to protect the People».