A group of opposition political factors has created a democratic alliance and established a series of commitments, leading up to the November 21 elections.

Henry Falcón, president of the Avanzada Progresista party, reported that political and civil society organizations intend to build a strong, peaceful, electoral and constitutional alternative to the government:

“We promote this alliance as a space for building consensus, it also supposes a critical vision of our own political action, of our mistakes, excesses and struggles”, explained Falcón.

Henry Falcón clarified that they will not renounce the electoral route as the only civilized way to settle differences between citizens and projects: “The alternatives to the electoral route have prolonged the suffering of Venezuelans and generated frustration among voters”.

The members of the alliance believe that dialogue between Venezuelans is necessary to build a better future for the new generations:

«We defend the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, frequently violated, as the democratic project that unites all Venezuelans. “We demand strict respect from all political forces, and we reject all interference, tutelage and warmongering threats”, said Henry Falcón.

The new alliance condemns the imposition of unilateral sanctions by international powers, because they complicate the crisis and the quality of life of the weakest.

Soon, the alliance will present unique and unitary electoral options: “We call on all opposition sectors to walk the path of dialogue and unity, beyond differences, and guided by the supreme interests of the country”, concluded Falcón.