Venezuela rejects Spain’s pronouncement on elections

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the statement released by the Spanish Chancellory, against the recent Regional and Municipal Elections.

Spain carried out a series of disqualifications and value judgments, which go against the majority criteria of the hundreds international electoral overseers and observers, who gave testimony of the development of a reliable Electoral System and an exemplary electoral journey.

The Venezuelan people, despite the cruel and illegal blockade and amidst the pandemic, starred in an electoral process with full guarantees, within the highest technological standards and the participation of all political sectors, which attests to the existence of a vibrant democracy in the country.

The statement insists on bowing to the interests of Washington, whose supremacist government has as its sole objective, to maintain the agenda of aggression against Venezuela, against its democracy, its institutions and its people.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges Spain to rectify that exhausted position that is doomed to failure.

Felix Plasencia


#Communiqué || Venezuela rejects a statement from Spain on the electoral results of November 21”