EU acknowledged balance of the National Electoral Council

The European Union Observation Mission acknowledged the balance of the National Electoral Council.

The head of the EU delegation, Isabel Santos, said: “The elections have been implemented in better conditions compared to previous electoral processes, the National Electoral Council, which was renewed in May 2021, is seen as the most balanced administration, the rectors achieved improvements in the elections in an efficient manner”.

She highlighted the return of the majority of the opposition parties to the electoral competition and said that the preliminary report delivered this Tuesday, November 23, 2021 to the CNE, cannot be subject to political instrumentation.

Santos affirmed that the EU delegation has a complete vision of the electoral process, because 136 observers were present in 23 states and the Capital District, in 665 voting centers and approximately 1,318 polling stations: “I will combat any interested attempt to interpret this declaration in favor of partisan interests, with which we have nothing to do”.

According to Isabel Santos, the EU will continue to observe the process, specifically that of scrutiny and that of possible challenges: “I will return to Venezuela in the first quarter of 2022, to present the final report that will include a complete analysis and recommendations to improve the future processes”, assured the head of the EU delegation.

She thanked the CNE for the invitation, the attention and the spirit of cooperation, she also greeted all those who contributed so that the mission could be carried out.