Maduro: Method 7 + 7 has allowed us to control the Covid-19 pandemic

Venezuela continues to manage the pandemic with the 7 + 7 method, this week we are in a week of flexibility and a people taking care of themselves, and then 7 days of flexibilized quarantine come, this successful method allows us to say that we have controlled the pandemic with 19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants”, said President Nicolás Maduro on Monday.

During a press conference held with national and international media, the Head of State recalled that the Delta variant has a higher contagion rate and is more dangerous, which is why it is already in 140 countries:

Venezuela has detected this variant in two places in the country, but the 7 + 7 method has been key in detecting the variants in time, as well as the treatments for our people, although the most important thing is conscience, faith and the correct attitude of a people to take care of itself”, indicated.

Likewise he recalled the support received from brotherly countries with hundreds of shipments of medical equipment, medicines and supplies that have made it possible to efficiently deal with the pandemic:

«Thanks to China, Russia, Turkey, India for all their support to (be able to) achieve the supplies for this battle that we have given for health,» he emphasized.

Media campaign against China condemned:

Following, he asserted that “Venezuela condemns the attempt to politicize the origin of the coronavirus in order to attack China, a country that what it has done is to advance on its sciences, and must go beyond a simple manipulation.

«China has created responses, when the whole world was paralyzed between April and September 2020, the only power that exported equipment was China, landing in Spain and another 140 countries to carry medicines, and Chinese vaccines are the most used ones in the world”, he recalled.

He urged the Presidential Commission for the Fight Against COVID-19, to keep the Venezuelan population informed about the reality of the virus in the country, in order to comply with prevention regulations:

«No one can give up, we all must take care of ourselves, this is not a problem of ideology, this is a public health issue”, concluded Maduro.