President Maduro: On DEC-6 we will elect an independent and sovereign Venezuela

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, sealed his political commitment to Venezuelan youth on Tuesday during a meeting with youth leaders from the Great Patriotic Pole in Caracas.

I wanted to hold this meeting with the youth to seal the commitment with the youth and the role they will play for the future of the country. You are the generation of the tricentennial of General Francisco de Miranda and you will be in political power and Venezuela will be the Empowered Venezuela”, he said.

He explained that next Sunday a new Assembly will be elected, one that will determine the continuity of the socialist policy, «the first gift of December will be the great victory of next Sunday, December 6 in the elections of the National Assembly,» he said.

He assured that next Sunday’s elections will be historic, «we will choose if we want an independent, sovereign Venezuela proud of its history or if we simply leave the National Assembly to the right wing,» he explained.

He recalled the political sabotage that the country has gone through since the Venezuelan opposition disowned his presidency in Venezuela.

In 2015 they deceived the people, from the National Assembly they offered that there would not be any more queues in the country. Many of their own people did not go to vote because they do not believe in them, they abstained, and to abstain is a mistake,» recalled the president while ensuring that they created a smear campaign against the revolution with the support of the international oligarchy.

In the same way, he assured that during 2015 his government accepted the electoral results, «I assumed defeat because we are in a democracy,» he recalled.

We have had to suffer five years of horror, conspiracy, conspiracy and failure for our people to become aware that it was a mistake to elect the opposition and give them the power of the National Assembly.”