Annual Operational Plan delivered to the ANC as part of the Programatic Agenda for Action – 2021

This Wednesday the Annual Operational Plan (POA) was delivered as part of the Programmatic Agenda for Action – 2021 before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) by the sectoral vice-president for planning, Ricardo Menéndez, who presented the fundamental legal instruments for the development of the Republic.

Within the Annual Operational Plan (POA), is detailed the Preliminary Bill of the National Budget for 2021, which corresponds to the programmatic agenda of the Plan de la Patria (Homeland Plan) for next year and the Special Law of Indebtedness.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Planning, detailed that these bills that are being presented gather the strategic vision of the Plan of the Nation and the fundamental vision from the point of view of the development of the country, additionally he explained that the development of Venezuela is being considered not only from the point of view of the aggression that the country has had, but from the point of view of Human Rights and economic development.

He pointed out that the draft Bill of the Budget of the Nation 2021 says many things, among them that those who tried to attack the country internally have not been able to, since precisely when they sought the sanctions for Venezuela, the coercive measures and the blockades, what was sought was the inaction of the State, the idea is that an affectation of the Republic would succeed in diminishing the income.

He added that the extreme right wing sought to get the Republic have only 1% of income and this made it difficult to guarantee the protection of the country, that is why the external aggression came to affect the supply chains, removed the visions of international financing, which practically represented a naval blockade of the Venezuelan coasts and at the same time, these individuals had partners internally in the country that prevented the approval of legal and legislative instruments.

“However, we Venezuelans developed the mechanisms needed to protect the people and today the delivery of this legal instrument shows it”.

For her part, the first Vice-president of the ANC, Tania Díaz, affirmed that “it is our duty as citizens as spokespersons of the Constituent Power, to receive the budget and the POA for 2021 in guarantee of the functioning of the productive and institutional apparatus of the Republic amidst the situation we are living, a product of the institutional rupture that was propitiated from these spaces by the extreme right wing when they became majority in the parliament”.

“The ANC has been assuming the role that corresponds to it to guarantee the functioning of the Republic in this opportunity to comply with the respective procedures such as the reception of the POA”, she said.

She indicated that this bill is expected to be the continuation of the Social Development Plan that the Revolution has been executing since the times of Commander Hugo Chávez, “when the Annual Action Budgets have been more and more in function of respect, protection and social attention of the people”.

This POA comes to work together with what is the Anti-Blockade Law, both instruments destined to protect the Venezuelan people from the catastrophic consequences that have been sponsored by the coercive measures imposed by the Government of the United States and its allies.