Constituent Assembly will restore peace in Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Saturday that the National Constituent Assembly is the only power guaranteeing peace and stability of the country.

«Only a higher power like the Constituent power can restore us peace, tranquility through truth, justice, reparation of the victims. The Constituent Assembly is a real process within the political life of the country. In 22 days we will be in the elections and you, the people of Venezuela, will elect the National Assembly for peace», said the National President during a meeting with oil workers of Puerto la Cruz, in support of the original power.

He recalled the efforts made by the Bolivarian Government that, during 2016 set up a dialogue table with the main representatives of the opposition to agree on a route of work for the country’s development. However, after agreeing on an agenda for the signing of documents, «from one day to the next they got up and left the dialogue table».

Despite this situation, he manifested he will insist on dialogue as the only tool to resolve political differences. «I want dialogue in any way, I want peace in any way», he emphasized.

Proposals are ready:

The national representative reiterated that the instruments of this ANC are the constituent acts, with which can be issued orders from the first day to all the powers of the country; followed by the constituent decrees, the enactment of constitutional laws that will be above those of organic character; and the fourth instrument, will be to draft a new Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

He said he has almost ready the text for a constitutional law against speculation, and thus punish all these mafias with great penalties and fines; and also added that will raise a second constitutional law to create the Commission on Truth, Justice and Reparation for the Victims of Violence, which will be presided by Delcy Rodriguez.

He stressed that a constitutional law «is one above the normal laws, the organic laws».