National Dialogue Board agrees working role to protect the electoral process called for DEC-6

The National Dialogue Board between the Bolivarian Government and sectors of the Venezuelan opposition met this Wednesday to establish a working role for the coming months in view of the electoral event called for December 6 this year, after evaluating the achievements and scope of the agreement signed a year ago between both sectors, where six aspects were established for national understanding and the expansion of democratic guarantees for national development.

This was announced by the head of the delegation of the National Government at the Dialogue Board, Jorge Rodríguez, at the end of this meeting in Caracas, where he assured that they have unanimously agreed that the elections must take place on December 6, so that On January 5, 2.021 the new National Assembly is installed as established by the Constitution.

He stressed that the six agreements signed a year ago have opened a great path for peace and stability in the country. In that sense, he recognized that the agreements in the Dialogue Board led to a new architecture, achieving greater participation in the elections, and consensus was also established in the social, political and economic sphere.

“We have shown that even though we are adversaries, we have a position in the defense of national sovereignty and we also recognize ourselves and reach agreements to sit down and work on the electoral performance of next December 6. We are adversaries, but we all agree on the peace and democracy of Venezuela”, he specified.

He added that during the meeting on Wednesday they agreed to request the National Electoral Council (CNE) to evaluate the coverage of the electoral campaign in the media and will submit proposals for financing the electoral campaign.

“This will be one of the most democratic and competitive elections in Venezuela. There are more than 107 registered political parties, more than 14,000 registered candidates. I doubt that there is an electoral process in any country in the world that exceeds expectations”, he argued while not ruling out that if they should continue to build greater guarantees of confidence, they will do so since that is the job of the National Dialogue Board and the permanent conversations with opposition sectors.

“The only thing we will never do is going against the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and we are not going to discuss that next January 5 the new National Assembly (AN) should be installed”, he emphasized.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that CNE has demonstrated its total transparency, with an excellent timetable throughout this parliamentary electoral process.