Venezuela will request extradition of Jordan Goudreau

The Government of Venezuela reported this Wednesday that it will request the extradition to the United States authorities of mercenary Jordan Goudreau, representative of the Silvercorp company, after he attributed himself the execution of the failed terrorist incursion on Sunday, May 3, and after the confession of the captured paramilitaries.

“The request for Jordan Goudreau’s extradition is within right, we are going to do it before the US authorities”, said the president regarding the extradition agreement that exists between the two countries.

In addition to the indications of the detainees in the frustrated terrorist operation, Goudreau signed, together with the deputy in contempt, Juan Guaidó, the right-wing politician advisor, Juan José Rondón, as well as the lawyer defending drug traffickers, Sergio Vergara, a contract for the acquisition of weapons and training of paramilitaries to execute the plan.

The existence of said contract was reported by ex-officer and drug trafficker Cliver Alcalá last March, when Venezuelan intelligence also thwarted another attempted armed incursion from Colombian territory, in which several deserters from the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) are involved., captured this weekend.

The terrorist plan called Operation Gideon aimed to invade the country, kidnap and assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, as well as to generate other selective executions of high officials, in addition to attacking the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Services (Sebin) and the Military Counterintelligence Directorate (Dgcim).

Maduro added that Venezuela has a solid institutionality, and those captured are being well treated, while reflecting that amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the national right wing and US extremism aspired that Venezuela would be the epicenter of the global health crisis.

«Venezuela managed to stop the coronavirus and we are now in the final phase of cutting the transmission chains. They do not forgive us for being loyal to Hugo Chávez. We will continue defending ourselves with national and international intelligence, with the cooperation of world intelligence centers, including the United States and Colombia”, he indicated, and acknowledged the capabilities of national intelligence factors.

The president also added that Donald Trump hired Silvercorp for the mercenary operation in Venezuela and reiterated that the former US military man, Jordan Goudreau, is the leader of that company and recalled that this man has worked, for several years, with the president of the country of the north american country:

“He has served as Donald Trump’s bodyguard for many years, Jordan Goudreau was appointed by the State Department as the head of security for the show they staged in Cúcuta (Guaidó to disguise a first invasion attempt in 2019),” he said.

In the hiring of Jordan Goudreau, head of the Silvercorp security company, was involved Guaidó, who in turn delegated to JJ Rendón – a fugitive from Venezuelan justice – Sergio Vergara, and the US State Department, finalizing the hiring of services for a military invasion against Venezuela in September 2019 for $ 212 million.