President Maduro showed achievements of the joint work of the military and the People’s Power

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, participates in a working day, in which he offers a balance of the Military Community Brigades for Education, which – up to date – have allowed the rehabilitation, in joint work of the military and the People’s Power, more than 23,000 spaces for training, nationwide.

From the “República de Panama” Educational Unit, in the La Guaira parish of the Vargas municipality in La Guaira state, the Head of State reviews the comprehensive rehabilitation of optimal and deserved spaces for the education of children and young people, with the impetus of the transformative force of the People’s Power:

“We are in the República de Panama National Educational Unit, founded in 1946. It has an enrollment of 1,448 students of initial, secondary and diversified education,” he said.

The educational establishment has two sports fields, a dining room, a doctor’s office, two kitchens, two libraries and a psycho-educational unit, areas that have been recovered by 70% with the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles).

The Venezuelan President defines the Military Community Brigades for Education as a miraculous creation that, together with the 1×10 of Good Government, “reflect everything that can be achieved, when we unite two of our great powers: the military and the People’s”.

The deployment of the Bricomiles takes place throughout the country, with the support of the educational community and local, regional and national authorities.

By creating the Bricomiles, in June 2022, President Maduro instructed the realization of deep and structural repairs, beautification of all schools, little trucks, high schools and universities.