Maduro urged working class to consolidate the 9 lines of the Economic Recovery Plan

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the working class to contribute to the consolidation of the 9 lines of the Economic Recovery Program.

On the first line he stressed the importance of achieving a fiscal balance in the country: “We need a fiscal balance in the country, a budgetary balance and that all the currency that is issued has real support in income, convertible currencies and in Petro, and thus reaching the point of not spending more than what enters”, he stated from Miraflores Palace.

Regarding the second line based on the exchange policy, he recalled that Venezuela now has a single “unique and fluctuating” exchange rate, with the aim of consolidating economic stabilization in this section. He also recalled that the dollars that enter the nation are only and exclusively for the welfare of the people in food, health, housing, among other benefits.

Maduro proposed to the ANC to establish a regime of new tables based on Petros for a year, with the support of the working class, within the framework of the third line based on the defense of salary.

On the fourth line that deals with the defense of prices linked to the cost of the national cryptocurrency, he highlighted the courage of the people, who will be the main beneficiaries of this measure. Our people is heroic: “Already 48 hours into the start there are two sides of the coin: That of the worker who has his money in hand and can buy, and the face of the speculators who want to continue stealing. The recovery program will triumph”, he said.

The Head of State requested maximum commitment from the constituent congress of the working class to consolidate the fifth line of the Economic Recovery Program based on raising national production

Regarding the sixth line integrated by the entry of foreign currency to the country, guaranteed an income map for the requirements of the country until the month of December, also assured that it has the plan for the generation of the necessary currencies for the optimal functioning of the country in 2019 and the Economic Recovery Plan.

The National President, stressed the importance of ensuring the expansion of Petro in the coming months to contribute to the supreme happiness of the people: “I hope that the citizen has direct access to Petro for international purchases, and that very soon a worker can buy his Petros to go on vacation or to buy a house, a car or an apartment”, he said.

On the eighth line versed in transport sector policy, President Maduro called for the maximum effort of the unions in this sector to prevent the Colombian mafias from continuing stealing gasoline from the Venezuelans: “Venezuela will still have the cheapest gasoline in the world, but the mafias will have the most expensive gasoline in the world”, he added.

Finally he assured that the Bolivarian Government will continue perfecting the social protection system for the Venezuelan people as ninth line, where the CLAP, Carnet de la Patria (Homeland Card), Chamba Juvenil (Youth Job), Homes of the Homeland and pensioners, are guaranteeing social security.