National Government has approached 400,000 homes to detect Covid-19 cases

The vice president for Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, reported on Tuesday that have been approached 400,000 homes throughout the country to detect cases of Covid-19, through house-by-house sessions.

During a meeting of the Presidential Commission to evaluate and analyze the measures applied by the Executive branch to contain the spreading of the virus, Rodríguez indicated that Venezuela remains being the nation that has carried out the most tests in the region.

Rodríguez explained that the use of big data has also been part of the Venezuelan formula to face the global sanitary crisis, and stressed the importance of using the face mask:

“Nowhere in the world is big data being used in such a massive way; almost 19 million Venezuelans have responded to the survey”, added the Vice President for Communication.

He added that the social and radical quarantine has been another measure that is part of “the Venezuela method”.