Government will cover 100% of production units in the country

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, informed this Tuesday that the Government already has an 80 percent of integration and occupation of the approximately 650 production units that make the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical and industrial engines, three of the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, a mechanism that seeks to reinvigorate the new economic model in the country.
It is expected, as Maduro explained, that for this Friday are enabled 100 percent of all production units that are deployed in the country, and thus solve the issue of distribution and supply of staple items for the Venezuelan people.
«We will have covered a 100 percent of the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical and industrial production units in the country. What do we have to do now? Integrate, make the productive plans, solve the problem of raw materials, solve the financial problems, solve the problems of the dollars needed for supplies and spare parts», stressed the national President.