President Maduro: In the world is rising a great rejection of the US criminal blockade against Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted this Sunday the rejection expressed in the world before the blockade and coercive and unilateral measures sustained by the United States (US) government against the country, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic:

“There is a great rejection in the world of the blockade and criminal sanctions against the Venezuelan people. North American senators, high officials of the united nations and the free peoples of this continent join the clamor for the cessation of the aggressions. Enough is enough!” Stated the National President in his account on the Twitter social network.

Last Thursday, March 26, a group of 11 Democratic senators requested the White House, through a letter, to cease the blockade against Venezuela for 90 days to allow the reception of humanitarian assistance:

“As these countries struggle to respond to their domestic health crises, United States sanctions are hampering the free flow of desperately needed medical and humanitarian supplies”, said the letter.

They also asked to provide unconditional aid to these nations even if it must be done through a third-party country or organization.

On Wednesday, too, eight nations, for their part, issued a letter to the secretary-general of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, and warned about the negative impact of sanctions on international efforts to contain Covid-19.

Guterres called last Friday for the US to renounce its coercive measures that affect many countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria.

Donald Trump has refused to back down, saying he will not suspend or limit sanctions against Iran, even amid the dire global crisis.

The spokeswoman for the US Department of State, Morgan Ortagus, announced that the North American country will not end the so-called sanctions against the Persian country, despite the coronavirus pandemic.