Judge Maikel Moreno highlighted cooperation between TSJ and Palestine

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Maikel Moreno, held on Wednesday a meeting with the Palestinian ambassador in Caracas, Linda Sobeh Ali; where he highlighted the cooperation between both nations for the strengthening and judicial and academic exchange,

«For us it is always a pride to welcome you. Everything the Palestinian people, a warrior people, has contributed is so valuable. Venezuela will always be your home and that of the Palestinian brothers, who will always be welcome», said the head of the Judiciary branch, quoted in a press release.

The meeting was held on the occasion of the farewell of the official as a representative of the Asian nation to the country.

In that order, the magistrate said that during the administration of Sobeh Ali, both countries raised their legal approach, and on the occasion they took the opportunity to address development issues.

For its part, the diplomat reiterated the recognition and support of Venezuela to her country, which systematically suffers the siege and war attacks by the State of Israel:

«Venezuela is a brotherly country», said Sobeh Ali, who has been an ambassador to the country since 2012.