President Maduro thanks support from State institutions and powers against US sanctions

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Tuesday thanked the different institutions and public powers of the State for the support given against the arbitrary and unilateral sanctions issued against him by the United States Government, through the Department Of Treasury.

“I thank the various institutions and Powers of the State for their support against the spurious sanctions that the Government of Donald Trump has announced against me, and which I have taken as a distinction to our revolutionary struggle, since I have not been one of those rulers who are lackeys of the empire, but I have remained firm and loyal to the people of Commander Hugo Chavez”, said the Head of State in his Facebook account.

This new intervention, applied on Monday, responds to the sovereign decision of the Head of State not to accept the threats of the American empire that requested the annulment of the elections of the National Constituent Assembly held on Sunday, July 30, which according to the first bulletin issued by the National Electoral Council counted on the participation of more than 8 million voters.

Faced with this new aggression, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), the Republican Moral Council, the Council of Ministers, the Ombudsman’s Office, Petróleos de Venezuela (Venezuela Oil Company), the Public Defense and the Congress of the Homeland were pronounced in rejection of the sanctions interposed by the Department of Treasury against the National Head.

On the other hand, through the social network, President Nicolás Maduro shared an audiovisual material with the “Noticiero de la Patria” (The Homeland News), which shows the expressions of rejection before the sanctions against Venezuelan sovereignty, which seeks to generate a foreign military intervention .