National Government oversees power generation process in Guri

The National Government oversaw the «Pica, Poda and Tala» (Cut, Prune and Fell) Plan, as well as the generation and transmission processes at the Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Power Plant in Guri, Bolívar state, as part of the efforts to strengthen the National Electric System (SEN), as reported on Thursday the vice president for Public Works and Services, Néstor Reverol.
Reverol said through the Twitter social network that the Electric General Staff toured the system in the region and verified the plans for protection and patrolling of the complex’s facilities.
«During this journey, we verify the state of the facilities and evaluate the actions to be developed for the optimization of the security and patrol plans that guarantee the integral protection of our SEN», refers the message of the senior official of the National Executive.
The Bolivarian Government formed 695 crews for the maintenance of 50 transmission lines, and on Saturday, November 30, allocated 69,000 tools for cleaning electrical installations, says a press release.