Attorney General of the Republic: 109 convictions have been obtained against security officials

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, stressed that from August 2017 to the present date, 109 convictions have been obtained against security officials involved in human rights violations.
“From August 2017 to this month we have presented 406 officials, of whom 353 have been deprived of their liberty, 695 have been charged with homicides, torture, cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment, illegitimate deprivation of liberty, violation of domicile, among others; of which 109 have had a condemnatory sentence”, he revealed on Monday during an interview with journalist Vladimir Villegas.
Saab stressed that “that figure reveals our point of honor in our area of competence”.
Regarding the events that took place at the Anaco Police headquarters, in Anzoátegui state, the highest authority of the Public Ministry revealed that “the imputation of José Fernández, Jackson Guevera, Carlos Solórzano, Ángel Villarroel, Elionel Chacín, was achieved in record time. Hernán Díaz, Angelo Venturella, Armando Brito and Manuel Puertas as co-authors and collaborators in the crime of cruel treatment, perpetrators of the crime of inhuman treatment and crouching. All have been deprived of liberty, without exception”.