Pope Francis receives testimony about the effects of the economic blockade

Father Numa Molina gave testimony of the damages caused to the Venezuelan people by the criminal and financial blockade that the United States government is promoting against Venezuela during a meeting with Pope Francis, in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, Italy.
This was made known after a statement to the Catholic newspaper Faro di Roma where he said: “We met with the Secretary of State and briefly with the Pope to testify that the information about Venezuela is often false and that the population suffers from the deprivation resulting from the sanctions and infamies that circulate from outside the country. Not because of the difficulties derived from a dictatorship: in our country, on the other hand, there is a strong participatory democracy”.
He also said that he is committed to a mission in which he represents the Venezuelan people, the humble ones and not a political sector: “My duty as a religious is to say what this people can not say, because the Western press, which is linked to the imperialist power, distorts and falsifies the truth”.
“I act as the spokesperson for the Venezuelan people and, therefore, for the legitimately elected government. It is my duty to do so as a member of the Catholic Church and the option for the poor. ”
On the forces that act inside and outside the Venezuelan crisis, Father Numa emphasized that “the dictatorship is that of the empire that attacks us by all means, because we do not renounce our independence, for which we will not surrender”.
Father Numa was in Italy attending the invitation of Professor Luciano Vasapollo, from the “La Sapienza” University in Rome, who is the rector’s delegate for relations with the University of Rome, Latin America and the Caribbean, where he was received by Rector Eugenio Gaudio, and participated in some educational and research activities, typical of the house of studies.
He took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Professor Vasapollo “that with great and noble scientific, human, moral and political and cultural efforts, together with other teachers, transmits the truth. They are free scientific studies on the suffering of the South and my country imposed by the logic of profit”.
He thanked Rector Eugenio Gaudio for the welcome, as well as the president of the Red Cross, Francesco Rocca, UNICEF and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences with whom he held several meetings:
“The fact that Professor Vasapollo, as delegate of the rector, invited me on behalf of the largest and most important university in Europe, gives priority to the value of culture based on respect for the life and dignity of people”, he summarized.