Maduro calls on Venezuelan soldiers to remain with high morals

Today, October 10, when Venezuelan Soldier’s Day is celebrated, President Nicolás Maduro invited them to remain with high morals in defense of the people and sovereignty, as he stated from his official account on the Twitter social network.

This anniversary was established in commemoration of the Regulation on Rations, Dresses and Food that the Liberator Simón Bolívar decreed at the end of the Admirable Campaign.

With that decree, Bolivar humanized and dignified the troops that from the most remote villages of the Andes and the Venezuelan Plains had left their homes to join the Army, with which were achieved the victories in battles such as Niquitao, which opened the doors of the plains region, and Taguanes, whose favorable outcome opened the doors of Valencia and Caracas, as refer historical sources.

Nicolás Maduro
“In tribute to the sacrifices and bravery of the troops that accompanied the fight for our independence, the Liberator decreed in 1813, the Day of the Venezuelan Soldier. Soldier men and women! Keep up the high morale in defense of the people and our sovereignty. Maximum Loyalty!