The unredeemed verb of Jorge Rodríguez Sr. is an example for everyone

42 years after the horrendous murder of Jorge Rodríguez senior, who died as a result of the numerous fractures, organ shedding and internal spills caused by the beating that was delivered to him in the dungeons of the General Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP), his son, Jorge Rodríguez, Minister for Communication and Information, declared his deep loyalty to the ideals and the struggle of this revolutionary martyr.

“Reviewing his writings, his incandescent words, his example and his unredeemed verb, the articles he typed in the early hours on his Olivetti typewriter, the skirmishes, the persecutions, the raids, all this is an example for everyone (… ) ”

The Minister, during the tribute that took place in the General Cemetery of the South, in Caracas, gave tribute to all his comrades and brothers of struggle, who together with Rodríguez promoted the unity of the people, in the years of the most terrible repression.

He assured that the best tribute can be given to those who have given their lives to the revolutionary struggle – evoking Fabricio Ojeda, Robert Serra, Lina Ron, Víctor Soto Rojas, Noel Rodríguez, Livia Gouverneur, Belinda Álvarez and Jorge Rodríguez – is to say: ” here we are, here we are ready to fight, ready to resist, ready to conquer and ready more than ever to win”.