President Maduro announces changes in four ministries of the Executive Team

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Monday the appointment of new officials in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labor, Transport and Industry, and National Production.

During a work journey with the members of the Council of Vice Presidents and the High Political Command, held at Miraflores Palace, the Head of State announced the appointment of the former Venezuelan ambassador to the Russian Federation, Carlos Faría, as new minister for foreign affairs.

He highlighted Faría’s extensive experience and his knowledge of the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, the current geopolitical environment and the struggle for a multipolar and pluricentric world oriented to the well-being of Humanity.

In his words, he thanked outgoing Chancellor Félix Plasencia, whom he assured will assume new and important responsibilities “for the international development of the economy.”

He then announced the appointment of deputy Francisco Torrealba as the new Minister of People’s Power for the Social Process of Work, to whom he assigned as the first and fundamental task the construction of the rights of the working class and “to go to solve all the problems of the workers”.

Likewise, he announced the appointment of Hipólito Abreu, until now Minister of Transportation, as the new Minister for Industries and National Production. He affirmed that with his successful experience at the head of the Ministry of Transportation, he will advance in the development of the national industry.

He finally announced the appointment of General Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, president of the Conviasa airline, as the new minister for transportation. President Maduro highlighted Velásquez Araguayán as “a successful professional among the successful” after having managed to raise Conviasa “to a level of development never seen before”.